Platform Advantages

Why Education and Me?

Discover authentic guidance with Education and Me, where real-world insights meet tailored learning, designed specifically for your unique needs and aspirations. Explore a diverse range of disciplines and find your perfect fit to embark on a journey of genuine transformation and achievement.


Authentic Guidance:

Get real-world insights from partner who've walked your path.


Tailored Learning:

Engage with programs specifically designed for your unique needs.


Diverse Expertise:

Find your fit from a wide range of disciplines and goals.

Our Vision:

At Education and Me, we aspire to be the world's leading platform for transformative coaching, creating a global community where learning and personal growth are boundless. We envision being the nexus between aspiration and achievement, providing accessible, tailored, and authentic guidance, empowering every individual to realise their fullest potential and bring their unique vision to life. Our commitment is to foster a space of genuine connection and transformative experiences, making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals around the world.

1. Empowerment Through Connection

We're striving to be the conduit between individuals and their aspirations, ensuring every interaction is a step towards empowerment and personal growth.

2. Tailored Transformative Experiences

We're committed to delivering personalized and resonant learning experiences, facilitating genuine transformations in diverse disciplines.

3. Accessibility and Diversity

Our aim is to make varied, authentic, and impactful coaching universally accessible, connecting individuals with the right expertise for their unique journeys.

Our Journey:

Education and Me started from a simple, clear dream-we wanted to help people reach their goals by making helpful, easy-to-understand coaching available to everyone.

This dream led us to work with kind, knowledgeable partner to create learning experiences that understand you and talk directly to you, helping to make real, lasting changes.

We're always growing and learning, hoping to bring deeper, more meaningful help and change to people all around the world.

Transforming Futures

At Education and Me, we're dedicated to providing supportive, empathetic guidance for real transformation. We continually evolve to offer accessible, personalised coaching, empowering your journey to reach your goals.


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